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THIS CONTRACT made and entered this ___ day of _______, 201__, by and between LEAPS N’ BOUNCE, LLC., a Tennessee Limited Liability Company with its principle offices located at 115 Merrywood Estates, Sweetwater, Monroe County, Tennessee, hereinafter referred to as lessor and ________________________________ of______________________________, hereinafter referred to as customer.


1. Safety/Operating Instructions: In Addition to the information set forth in this agreement, the customer acknowledges that there are safety and operating instructions on the equipment delivered and Customer agrees to read those instructions and operate the equipment, or allow the equipment, to be operated or used, in accordance with those instructions. Customer further acknowledges and understands that Lessor has not agreed to nor will we provided any operators with this rented equipment, and that Customer, is solely responsible for the correct and safe operation of this equipment. Customer understands that children’s safety depends upon CUSTOMER PROVIDING AT ALL TIMES correct operation of and the use of the equipment. Customer WILL NOT move any piece of equipment after it has been staked down or secured with adequate sandbags. Customer further agrees to keep all equipment away from swimming pool(s) and will not operate any electrical equipment near water. By entering into this, agreement, Customer acknowledges that there is a risk of injury or damage arising out of the use of this equipment. Customer voluntarily agrees to keep and maintain all safety rules for the correct, safe operation and installation and use of all equipment, and to assume any and all risk of damage. In particular, customer will not permit the equipment to be operated by anyone who has not received instruction from us on the safe operation and use of the equipment, nor shall Customer allow any person to use or operate the equipment when it is in need of repair or when it is in unsafe condition or situation, and Customer will not move any equipment from the delivered site. Customer acknowledges and certifies that they have adequate Homeowner’s Insurance, Tenant Insurance or other Liability Insurance to cover bodily Injury or Property damage which might occur to Customer, Invitee, or quest, and agree to hold Lessor harmless for any loss.


2. Weather: We cannot guarantee weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your rental prior to delivery if severe weather conditions are imminent or if we have any reason to believe that the inflatable equipment and/or its users may be in danger. Some examples of severe weather are high winds, excessive rain, snow, and lightning. In the event of severe weather during a rental, Customer agrees that he/she/they will unplug the inflatable, allow it to deflate, and not use the inflatable until the severe weather ends. Lessor’s sole judgment will be used to make this determination. Refunds will not be made but may be rescheduled if canceled by Lessor.


3. Delivery: We shall deliver the Rental Equipment to the address specified by the Customer. Customer grants the right to enter the property at the time specified by Customer for delivery, and required set up , if any, and for subsequent pick up of the Rental Equipment and any associated equipment or packing materials at the approximately times specified. NOTE: Driver’s delivery and pick-up times are approximate. Driver may arrive up to (2) hours early on the rental date, the “end” of the “Rental Period” or as late as 10 p.m. to pick up the equipment. Customer is responsible for, and required to stay with all the equipment until it is picked up by our representative, unless other arrangements have been made.

4. Care of the Rental Equipment:

A. Customer shall be responsible for any and all damage to any of the Rental Equipment not caused by ordinary wear and tear. “Ordinary wear and tear” shall mean only the normal deterioration of the rental equipment caused by ordinary, reasonable and proper use of the rental equipment. Customer shall be liable for any and all damage which is not “ordinary wear and tear” in an amount equal to the replacement value of the rental equipment. Damage which is not “ordinary wear and tear” includes, but is not limited to, cutting or tearing of vinyl or netting, damage due to overturning, overloading, exceeding rated capacities, breakage, improper use, abuse, lake of cleaning, contamination of or dirtying of rental equipment with non-approved items such as chemicals, non approved food, paint, silly string, mud, clay, or other materials. By allowing the unit to be setup, Customer acknowledges they have inspected the equipment and acknowledge it is in good condition and in proper working order.

B. Any damage including but not limited to: No silly string is permitted to come in contact with the inside or outside of the inflatable unit, this causes Irreparable damage to the inflatable; food or any other objects, persons or other reasons. Customer acknowledges that if the inflatable is damaged by “Silly String”, then a $50.00 fee shall be automatically imposed by us and shall be immediately due and payable by Customer;

C. If the equipment is not inflated at the pickup time, the delivery person will re-inflated the unit and inspect the same before removal.

5. Equipment Problems: Should any equipment develop a problem, or does not function correctly at anytime, or Customer does not understand the operating Instructions, Customer agrees to immediately cease use of that equipment. In particular, if the inflatable unit begins to deflate, Customer will immediately have the children exit the unit and then check for one of the following conditions:

A. The motor has stopped; in which case check the power cord connection at the outlet where the unit plugs into the house to make sure that it has not been unplugged;

B. If motor continues to run, check for blockage of the air intake screen on the side of the blower unit. Also, check both air tubes on the back of the unit for snugness and tighten the ties if necessary;

C. If either of these steps corrects the problem, fully re-inflate the unit prior to permitting anyone to use the unit; 

D. If you cannot correct the problem, call us at 423-519-2712.

6. Specific Rules and Instructions for the inflatable equipment: The following rules and warnings must be obeyed in the use of inflatable equipment:

A. All safety and operating instructions contained on the inflatable must be complied with and followed at all times;


C. WARNING - It is unsafe to stay in an inflatable if winds exceed 20 miles per hour (MPH). Have all persons exit inflatable, then unplug the blower unit and let inflatable deflate, Remember that being associated with water there is always subject to drowning, so Adult Supervision is required at all times.

D. WARNING - Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants, and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the unit at any time,

E. Do not move the inflatable from the location where set-up;

F. If the inflatable unit moves, pull corner(s) back to their original location(s) and re-secure; For other questions regarding the safe installation of equipment, please call us at 423-519-2712.

G. Do not let the inflatable unit rub up against any surface.

7. Cancellation Policy: Customer must provide at least 72 hours prior to the event date. Failure to give adequate notice, Customer will forfeit any deposit.

8. Customer Acknowledgment: Customer acknowledges and certifies that they have had a sufficient opportunity to read this entire Agreement, and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions on all pages and that they understand its content and that they execute it freely, intelligently and without duress of any kind.

9. Breach: In the event it is necessary to file suit, Customer agrees to pay 20% Attorneys fee; all costs of collection and Court costs. Further, the parties agree that Jurisdiction/Venue for any litigation will be in the appropriate Court for Monroe County, Tennessee.


10. Damage. If any equipment is damaged while during your event, write down exactly what happened, when and any other details you observed, list any witnesses, and contact Lessor immediately and cease using the equipment.

11. Late Fees: In the event Customer refuses to allow the pickup of any equipment Customer agrees to pay a late fee of the same amount as the daily rental fees, per day, per unit, for each day Lessor refuses to allow the equipment to be picked up and $50.00, for each additional trick to pick up the equipment after the first attempt.


Date for Equipment to be delivered: _________________ Time: ____________________

Pick Up Date and Time ___________________ Number of Units Provided: ____________

Deposit: _______________ Daily Rent Fee Due: _____________________



In the event Customer pays with a credit or debit card, Customer agrees to pay a 2.75% additional fee for the cost of using this method of payment.


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